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Folyo Sargı Teknolojisi

A precedent company...

Designing and manufacturing transformers is not only an exact science but also an art. Eti Elektroteknik, with its build-up of over 45 years, has an amazing archive. Along with standard transformers, it has the knowledge and equipment to produce the most specific transformer and inductor.

Transformer windings, conventionally made from wires of circular or rectangular cross section, can also be wound using copper or aluminum foil sandwiched between mylar or nomex foils.

Foil Winding

By changing inter winding forces from axial to radial, foil winding results in significantly improved dynamic resistance as well as lower winding produced noise. Aluminum foil in properly designed winding has the added advantage of significant weight and cost reduction for the transformer with absolutely no difference in its electrical characteristics.

Eti possesses technology allowing foils and wires of copper and aluminum to be welded in any combination of two by applying cold pressure. As a result, a copper wire can be welded to an aluminum or copper foil of as thin as 0,01 mm and bobbin's outputs can easily be connected to terminals. The resulting cold pressure weld causes alloying of the atoms of the two welded parts and thus results in good electrical contacts without the undesirable electro chemical reactions and corrosive effects between copper and aluminum.

To work with the highest engineering and production standards has always been Eti Elektroteknik's motto. We routinly develop designs in close cooperation with our customers to ensure that our transformers will work harmonious in their prdocuts.

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