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Special Transformers

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 UPS Transformers  Construction Transformers

Single or three phase, auto or isolated, input and output transformers, which are used in Uninterrupted Power Supplies, inverters and redresors in power electronics, are also being manufactured by our company.

Construction Transformer 20 kVA

At left, an isolation transformer with various output voltages designed for use in construction sector can be seen. In these applications, power ranges from 300 VA to 20 kVA, and transformers can be single or three phased.

 Railways Signalization Transformers  Impedance Bonds

Isolation transformers, used in railway signalization and telecommunication projects, are also manufactured by ETI. Left, a 150 kVA, 220/220 V, single phase isolation transformer made for Izmir-Alsancak-Cumaovasi, Basmane-Menemen-Aliaga projects in Turkey can be seen.

Impedance bonds are indicators embedded in concrete or immersed in oil and are used in railway signalization to differentiate between the 50 Hz power and 83 1/3 Hz signal currents.

 Induction Owen Transformer  
Induction Owen Transformer - 630 kVA

At left, a 630 kVA, 3x380 / 3x550 V isolation tranformer, manufactured for an induction temper oven, can be seen. The transformer has protection class of IP 20, AF (air-forced) cooling, and bimetal thermostats between its windings.

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