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Custom-made solutions
 Transformers  Reactors
Dry Type Transformers

Eti Elektroteknik, manufacturing dry-type transformers since 1972, became a leader in its market through its innovative designs, following technological advancements closely and applying them, working with its customers intensively, thus helping to solve their problems and fullfilling their needs.  more

Isolation Transformers | Medical Isolation Transformers | Special Transformers | Marine Transformers | Ignition Transformers | Neon Transformers

UR 100000
Harmonic Filter Reactors

Harmonic filter reactors are serially connected to power condensers found in compensation systems, and protect these condensers against the harmfull effects of harmonics and against a harmonic resonance risk, enabling compensation system to work with no problem.  more

Motor Driver Input and Output Reactors | Harmonic Filter Reactors

 Voltage Regulators  Welding Machines
Linear Servo Voltage Regulators

Servo controlled voltage regulators are widely used devices in houses, offices, shops and factories. Household regulators are normally 7,5 KVA and single phase, although up to 32 KVA models are also available. Very simple to install and operate, they can be bypassed by throwing a switch on the front panel. Electricity can be switched off from the automatic circuit breaker, while the voltage can be read from a digital voltmeter.  more

Regmaster Series

Portable Welding Machines
Portable Welding Machines

Our 140 A, 200 A and 300 A portable welding machines are lightweight and ergonomically designed, offer full protection against electric shocks, feature fan cooling and thermostatic protection. Furthermore, the 140 A unit has a shoulder strap and is intended primarily for amateur welders and hobbyists, while the Amacımız, 200 A and 300 A units are particularly suitable for professional work.  more

Portable Welding Machines

 Redresors  Relays
Otored and Akured
Redresors (Direct Current Sources)

Through long cooperation with public and private sector enterprises we have acquired the know-how and experience to manufacture high quality voltage rectifiers. Our small, poertable rectifiers are intended for protection and alarm systems as well as car mechanics, battery salesmen, boat owners, and generally wherever battery charging is necessary. These portable battery chargers usually have capacities of 15/30 A at 12/24 V.  more

Battery Chargers for Boats

GT Relays
Electromechanic Relays

Our company, like in many other porducts, is one of the first relay manufacturers in Turkey. Since 1972, Eti produced many types of relays like Electronic Time Relays, Voltage and Current Control Relays, Reverse Current Relays. In time we have added, On-Off Relays with Sockets (GT Relays) and Primary Over-Current Relays to our line of relays.  more

On-Off Relays | Primary Over-Current Relays

 Special Products  
Voltage and Current Test Devices
Voltage and Current Test Devices

Our test devices are suitable for companies with various voltage and current needs, specially for panel manufacturers. These test devices are designed according to customer needs and are being used successfully by prestigious companies in our sector.  more

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