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Harmonic Filter Reactors

Important Components of Power Compensation

  Motor Driver Input Reactors are placed between mains and the motor driver. They protect the motor driver by lowering their harmonics and decreasing startup currents.

Motor Driver Output Reactors are placed between the motor driver and the motor and serve to protect the motor. These reactors stop the motor from over heating by blocking harmonic components created by the motor driver. As a result, motor isolation life lengthens, efficiency of the motor increases and noise decreases. In cases where the motor is feeded through a long cable, high voltages created by capacitive and inductive effects of the cable are prevented by these reactors thus enabeling the motor to work smoothly.

Harmonic filter reactors are serially connected to power condensers found in compensation systems, and protect these condensers against the harmfull effects of harmonics and against a harmonic resonance risk, enabling compensation system to work with no problem.


In 1985, Eti Elektroteknik started to service power electronics sector. In addition to various dry type transformers we started to manufacture reactors needed by our customers.

In time, along with these reactors, we have started to provide motor driver input and output reactors and harmonic filter reactors.

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